Very Successful Versus Successful people

Very Successful Versus Successful people

Very Successful Versus Successful people

It is without a doubt that most of us have achieved success. From marrying the girl of your dreams, graduating, landing that lucrative business deal, getting a promotion with a six figure salary to buying a house. There are various ways to categorize success. However, there is a difference between being successful to very successful. No wonder there are more successful people and countable very successful individuals. Here are 7 surprising differences between successful and very successful people.

1. Focus


Successful people are easily allured by luxurious goodies and glamorous offers which often distract them from their financial goals. Very successful people, on the other hand, keep away from distractions that can deter them from achieving the set goal. They understand that distractions lower productivity, focus and prevent the effectiveness of getting things done as well as achieving a set goal.

2. Prioroties


Successful people cannot say no to most opportunities. They have to say yes to virtually everything to avoid missing an opportunity that can make them more successful. Very successful people prioritize on what they say yes to because they do not have time to do unproductive things. What they choose to do adds value to them as well as other people.

3. Work-Life Balance

work life balance

Successful people work overtime and spend a lot of energy on their career yet are less productive. Very successful people know their limitations. They understand the need to have an adequate amount of sleep to keep their brains functioning at an optimum level and to keep their body healthy at all times. They work smart and choose what they do to avoid burnout. They have the vision that goes beyond their own needs and goals.

4. Involvement in Philanthropy


Successful individuals believe giving can reduce their net worth and make them less successful as compared to their competitors. Very successful people are never selfish with their time, money and talent. Think of Oprah Winfrey and Paul Allen. They use their expertise to acknowledge potential and extend the same helping hand that someone else gave to them.

5. Life Long Learning  

life long learning   

Successful people often lose the drive and the desire to do more. In the process, they become perfectionist by trying to replicate the path that made the results. They lose their drive to fail and learn. On the other hand, very successful accept criticism and view mistakes as a process to learn and grow.

6. Being a Good Listener

good listener

Successful people focus more on being understood and stating their point across to as many people as possible.  They believe talking the loudest will make their points get heard. Very successful people listen and think before speaking. They first seek to understand to give a win-win outcome.

7. Self-Improvement


Successful people will do anything to achieve their set goals. They compare themselves to competitors and want to win and be popular. Whereas successful person want to succeed at any cost, very successful people focus on their passion, getting better and are confident in their abilities.