11 Things That Could Make You Feel Better When You are Sick

11 Things That Could Make You Feel Better When You are Sick

11 Things That Could Make You Feel Better When You are Sick

You may have heard about two unavoidable things in life- death and taxes. To that you can add one more sickness. It is very likely that at some point of time, you may fall ill, need medication, hospitalization or even surgery to restore your health back to normalcy.

It is natural for you to get disappointed on getting sick because your daily routines are disrupted. You need support and patience to overcome your illness and bounce back to health.

Here are 11 tips to help you feel better when you are sick

1. You Need Rest

take rest

If you have fever, body ache or stomach ache, the most important requirement is to have adequate rest. If you try to manage work and rest, it will be stressful and only worsen your condition.

2. Don’t Self-Medicate or Google Search for Solutions

If you are shy or reluctant to go to a hospital or physician, you may tend to try out medicines yourself or search google for cures. It can have negative effects as your self-diagnosis and cure may be off the mark. It could only make your ailment worse.

3. Eat Light Food and Have Sufficient Water Intake

drink suffiecient water

Sickness is a time when your digestive system and metabolism are affected. Hence you should avoid oily, fat, and calorie-rich food. Eat more fruits and lean protein snacks. Ensure that you take sufficient warm water to keep the water balance in the body.

4. Choose a Room with Sufficient Air Flow and Light

If you rest in a room with inadequate airflow and light, you could feel congested and face discomfort. Fresh air and light will improve your breathing, help you relax and provide quality rest time.

5. Have Positive Thoughts

have positive thoughts

If you are burdened with negative thoughts about your illness and expect worse to happen, you may prolong your sickness. Therefore, silent prayers, chanting mantras, reading books on spirituality, humor or simple topics may help in recovery.

6. Take Hot Water Baths

If you are down with fever, you could sweat many times during the day and hence, a body bath in warm water may help; you could also ask someone to wipe your body with cloth dipped in warm water. It will eliminate body odor and make you feel fresh.

7. Have Lesser Visitors

lesser visitors

If you are resting in hospital or home, it makes sense to have fewer visitors although close friends and family members can always cheer you up.

8. Avoid Sugar and Cold Food

Sugar intake during sickness can lower your immunity and affect your metabolism. Also cold and foods taken directly from the freezer can make things worse for your health. Light cookies, black tea, and supplements can help you feel better.

9. Eliminate Noise and Dust

avoid dust

If you are living close to the road in a city or your neighborhood is noisy due to too much house dwellings, you may choose a quieter place and ensure that dust or other pollutants are not present in the premises.

10. Ensure Follow-up Checkups

If your sickness warranted medical advice and help, it is better to consult them again on the progress of your medication and treatment. Sometimes, a diagnostic test may be required.

11. Use of Herbs Aids Recovery

use herbs aids

If you are suffering from fever, flu, headache or gastric ailments, locally available herbs can help recovery faster along with medicines. However, consult people who know the right herbs and their proportion of use.

No one in this world is immune to sickness or illness. Our body works like a machine but needs time for rest and repair. Your recovery from ailments will be due to a combination of factors including timely medical advice, medication, rest, right kind of food, relaxation, positive thoughts and good support from friends and family members. Keep life stress-free to return back to health soon.