7 Excuses Mentally Strong People Never Use

7 Excuses Mentally Strong People Never Use

7 Excuses Mentally Strong People Never Use

Strength comes from within and one should always realize its value and use it to the best benefits. Let us see how mentally strong people would handle situations without making any excuse.

The I Syndrome


Usually, a mentally strong person would never lay the blame squarely on someone else or some other reason. Normally it is only a reluctant listener who would respond by saying that he deserves to be happy and so is behaving in a particular manner. Happiness is a state of mind, and one does not have to strive or draw attention towards it.

Usually, happiness is a journey that is a part of life and strong people understand this and always make it a way of living. Thus not only are they successful in achieving their goals but also can stay happy always without making any bones about it.

Pushing The Boundaries


A mentally strong person usually would never push the boundaries too far. If one has to assertive about an issue one does not have to ask for forgiveness for any issue. They can take permission and move forward without any hesitation. When one is sure about the intentions, then there is no need to repent and also no need to fake an apology at any point in time. This is why the concept of asking for forgiveness rather than ask for permission erodes away. A confident and mentally strong person usually never is worried about making a point.

The You Live Only Once Psychology

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The You Live Only Once psyche has at times been warped into one’s convenience. A rich, as well as full life, needs the right balance between long-term rewards and risky affairs. So one has to calculate the risk and take the time to understand how this thought process could be damaging at times. Therefore, one has to comprehend the gravity of You Live Only Once theory and make use of it only in places where it is needed. This fine line of differentiation is usually gauged only by a mentally strong person who would never use this as an excuse.

Making Honesty An Excuse

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At times, people are very frank and brutal about views and say that they do this as they love to be truthful always. However, one has to understand that while the truth is hurting at times, one does not have to be harsh or rude. Honesty normally does not come by hurting someone.

So before one delivers a feedback a strong person normally balances the opinions with diplomacy and a disrespectful demeanor only means one is mentally weak, and one has to keep in mind that anything negative augurs bad for us and not on others.

Indifference to the World

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A mentally weak person usually would never have disregard for other’s feelings, and this is considered as a personality disorder. One should always have feelings for others. Expressing concerns about decision making and setting aside all inhibitions is as important as taking the time to listen to other’s problems, their pitfalls and at times some risks that may be overlooked. 

A strong person is always concerned about the feelings of others and regards their challenges as a means to understanding the strength of the person.

Building Mental Strength

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Normally all people who are mentally strong explain their actions and do not make excuses. They usually take responsibility without a complaint and also hold themselves responsible for all thoughts, feelings and behavior and do not make an excuse. Everyone can be mentally strong and with hard work one can indeed behave productively as per the circumstances.