MOMZJOY Success Story

MOMZJOY Success Story


Momzjoy is a specialized online boutique, which is designed to offer a fun-filled shopping experience to people who visit their site. It sells nursing wear, maternity dresses, baby shower outfits, and essentials apart from other clothing. It also offers its customers the choice to place their order over the phone; in case, they are uncomfortable doing it online. Customers can also return products shipped by the company in case they are not happy with them. However, this should be done within 7 days from the date of receiving the parcel.



Momzjoy is an online boutique, which designs, manufactures and delivers its consignment within 7-10 days of the online order. They deliver the dresses in neatly packed boxes between 7 a m and 05:30 p m to the designated address. The company has an elaborate process to verify addresses shared online by its customers. Without verification, no parcel is delivered. The company has a policy of delivering all its products to its customers within 7-10 days of the customer placing the order. Momzjoy does not specify customs and Import duties on their website as they vary from country to country. These costs are paid in cash to the delivery agent. Its entire collection is manufactured indigenously.



Momzjoy as an online boutique strives to make mothers the most beautiful women on this earth. It endeavors to make mothers feel confident, empowered and beautiful. It designs and manufactures contemporary, chic, innovative and versatile clothing for nursing and pregnant mothers. The company also designs dresses for breast feeding mothers. Momzjoy provides comfortable and stylishly designed dresses to fit the curves of pregnant women, when they are breast-feeding and all throughout their pregnancy period.

Unique features


Momzjoy has a product that is unique in itself. It sells dresses fit for pregnant mothers. Not many boutiques are catering to this market. Therefore, it can be said that Momzjoy is a specialized online boutique catering to women. It offers doorstep delivery to its customers irrespective of their region. It offers a number of payment modes like cash on delivery, debit, credit card payment, net banking payment, etc. This is another unique feature for a product in this category. Ordering such a product online is very dicey and only those mothers who know their bodies very well.

Social work


HouseMomzjoy as a company does social work by selling dresses that pregnant mothers can wear. It caters to a very specialized market However, by doing this; it is categorizing itself into a specific mold. It does not wish to join the bandwagon of cloth boutiques that are catering to a number of categories of women. It wishes to be unique in its product offering. This in itself is a kind of social work.


The company Momzjoy has a unique concept. It sells beautiful and stylishly designed and manufactured dresses for pregnant mothers. It offers these in various colors and sizes in order to cater to the disparate curves of different types of women. It is providing them a solution to their problem of dressing themselves during pregnancy. This is a positive aspect of the company.

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