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Understanding Unilever

FMCG companies are in boom these days, throughout the world, providing excellent products fulfilling the consumer’s demands and daily needs. Among the long list of FMCG goods, Unilever is the British- Dutch multinational goods company with its headquarters in London and co-headquarters in the Netherlands and Rotterdam. It was rated the third-largest company measured by the 2012 revenue and its 400 and more varieties of products are available in more than 190 countries throughout the world.

Their Brands

Unilever, with its well established name, organized in four divisions like Personal care, Food, Refreshment and Home care, with items like Lifebuoy, Pond’s, Dove, Ben and Jerry, Pureit water purifiers, and more, is enjoying a worldwide consumer base with its different range of brands. Around 14 of its brands, generate a sale of more than one billion in a year, which is a commendable job being done by the company. Its brands are being used by two billion people in their everyday life.

Making A Difference

With its growth Unilever has shown efforts towards environmental footprints where they are helping people improve their health and well-being, workplace opportunities and rights are being improved and the environment is being safeguarded for future generations. The company is working hard with the small farmers to advance their farming practices and livelihood. They are also taking measures to improve the sanitation and hygiene conditions to create the best turning point to save the planet.

Awards And Recognition

With the extraordinary efforts, integrity and initiative of their employees, Unilever has succeeded to build a mark in the industry. Due to such efforts, they have received several awards.

  • With the Motto of environmental sustainability, Unilever in December 2013 was awarded a Gold medal for its International Corporate achievement, by the World Environmental Center.
  • Also, in 2013 Unilever was named the Sector Leader by the CDP's Forests program, for providing sustainable commodities.
  • Unilever won the Best Sustainability and Stakeholder Disclosure FTSE 100 Award from The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), in November 2013.
  • Later, in 2015, Unilever was awarded with the “Champion of the Earth Award”.
  • Also, in September 2015, Unilever came under the industry group leader with only 24 companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

As a whole, Unilever is said to be the company that has been able to meet all its records and set goals, every year. The FMCG Giant is prospering year after year, driving business upward, in today's new "economic ecosystem". More than 172,000 people work for Unilever, with 43% of the managers being female employees running their departments successfully. It is one of the ‘Numero Uno’ Fastest Moving Consumer Goods Company, with the title of the Employer Of The Choice among the students in 26 countries. Unilever certainly is the best start to anyone’s career.

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