William Hazlitt Quotes

William Hazlitt isconsidered as one of the greatest critics and essayist of the English language. Born on 10 April, 1778 to a Unitarian minister,when William turned 2, his father and the whole family started migrating from place to place. Right from his childhood, William always looked at the world with a completely different perspective than others and later in life, somewhere inside, started disbelieving in religion and left Hackney.

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  • 1. A Great Teacher

    "Prosperity is a great teacher; adversity a greater"

    2. We can do

    "The more we do, the more we can do"

    Being an ambitious soul, William had a will as strong as the mountains and was a man of multiple talents. He went to Paris to become a painter when he was young, butlater pursuedphilosophy, which was a childhood dream. Not all was easy for him, though, being a sensitive guy. William used to have fights with most of his friends and hadmarried and got divorced a lot of times too. It was his determination and courage that kept him going and become an inspiration that he is today.

    Here are a few inspiring quotes from William Hazlitt.

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