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Born in the 497/496 BC to a wealthy family in a rural community of Colonus Hippius in Attica, Sophocles was highly educated. He mostly studied arts, music, and entertainment, and these helped him build his career. Sophocles was so famous that he was chosen to lead the paean after having the Greek victory over the Persians. In his lifetime, he had produced many plays and all of them were magnificent.

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    Sophocles was so legendary that he won 18 competitions out of 30. That's the reason this legend was never ranked lower than 2nd. Sadly, only seven dramas of this prodigy are still present with us. His legend was so famous that he was invited by many foreign rulers all over the world. ‘Philoctetes’ and ‘Oedipus at Colonus’, are his two most successful plays. Sophocles died at the age of 90/91, but his workis still with us.


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