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Gerald Gillis a Georgian native and grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta of Decatur. He went to the University of Georgia from where he received his BBA. He also has masters in business administration from the University of Tampa. Soon after his completion of graduation, Gillis went to join the U.S Marine Corps where he served as an artillery officer for more than three years. After his services with military, he dedicated his attentions to the industry of medial devices. Today, Gerald Gillis phrases strike with epiphanies to all those who hear him speak.

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    "Never, never, never give up"

    It was by 2009 that Gillis became a novelist. He had written three novels by now. They are the Dare Not Blink (Navigator Books, 2012), Bent, But Not Broken (Sandlapper, 1986) and Shall Never See So Much (Booklocker, 2010). He has also authored a successful eBook which goes by the name Paige’s Laws of Business (Navigator Books, 2013). Most of his books have fetched him several awards.

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