Respect Quotes

Respect is something noble that arises from a deep admiration or a sense of deference towards somebody. It’s a tough fact to achieve respect and you cannot fight to attain it. According to the wise men, one must learn to respect oneself and others if he is expecting the same from others. An organization or community based on mutual respect is sure to attain peace and harmony. Absence of respect for fellow beings is the root of all conflicts.

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  • 1. Reverence

    Ethics is nothing
    "Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life."

    2. Respect and Pride

    I think that the poorest
    "I think that the poorest of the poor... look up to wealthy and successful Indians with some degree of respect and pride"

    3. Men And Women

    "When Men And Women Are Able To Respect And Accept Their Differences Than Love Has To Chance To Blossom "

    4. If You Truly Want

    if you truly
    "If You Truly Want To Be Respected By People You Love You Must Prove To Them That You Can Survive Without Them"

    5. Compromise

    i cannot
    "I Cannot Compromise My Respect For Your Love You Can Keep Your Love I Will Keep My Respect"

    6. Friend

    Even when a friend doe
    "Even when a friend does something you do not like, he continues to be your friend."

    7. Respect

    Don t respect a lot
    "Don't respect a lot of rappers, feel I had a harder life"

    8. Humility and Grace

    "Performance leads to recognition. Recognition brings respect. Respect enhances power. Humility and grace in one’s moments of power enhances dignity of an organisation"

    The famous respect quotes stress on the fact that we must be respectful to every person, irrespective of caste, creed, gender or social status. Stated by some of the great men on earth, these respect quotes also point out that what it means to respect others and that people need to recognize one another to make the world go round.

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