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Gustave Falubert was considered to be a leading exponent of literary realism in France. Besides this, Gustave was also a French novelist whose works were extremely influential. The first novel ever published by Gustave was in the year 1857 and was called Madame Bovary. Gustave was also very popular for his devotion to aesthetics and style for his correspondence. Gustave Flaubert’s biography is a must read and is available on the Internet and also in most leading encyclopedias such as Britannica.

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    Sentimental Education is another noteworthy novel written by Gustave. This novel was said to be amongst the most influential books of the 19th century. Besides being a world-class novelist, Gustave was also extremely popular for his quotes. His saying and adages had a profound impact on people from the 19th century and still continue to be extremely impactful. Gustave was an ingenious man who encouraged people to accomplish their work with the utmost passion.

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