Samuel Butler Quotes

Samuel Butler Quotes

Samuel Butler’s work is very interesting. This much famous English author had produced wide range of work. He was one of highly recognized author from Victorian era. Some of his notable work constitutes of Utopian, Erewhon and semi -autobiographical novel, The Way of All Flesh. He had done lot of studies on Christian Orthodoxy, evolution thoughts and Italian art. He also worked on literary history and criticism.


It is better to have loved
"It Is Better To Have Loved And Lost Than Never To Have Lost At All"

Samuel Butler had also written lot of insightful quotes on love, life and many more aspects. He never had a very cordial relationship with his parents and especially with his father. As per him his parents were brutal and not very wise. They forced him to follow priesthood but the hard life there didn’t interest him. Later in 1854 he joined St. John’s College in Cambridge and completed his studies in classics with first class.

He was specially admired by George Bernard Shaw and E.M. Fosters for Samuel’s new tone to Victorian Literature. In one of his quotes of love, Samuel Butler conveyed the idea that it’s always better to love and lost than never lost at all. In human life love has immense importance. Without love life has no meaning. Love is essence of life and relations.

Because of his intense work Samuel Butler is considered as an iconoclastic English author whose contribution to literature is immense and valuable. He was a distinguished artist who had given new meaning to Victorian literature with his talent.