Ivan Panin Quotes

Ivan Panin Quotes

Ivan Panin was a Russian immigrant to the US who attained fame for discovering the numeric patterns in the Greek and Hebrew Bible’s text. All his published work is based on his preceding research. The amazing quotes from his books and writings are worth cherishing from inspiration point of view.


For every beauty
"For Every Beauty There Is An Eye Somewhere To See It. For Every Truth There Is An Ear Somewhere To Here It. For Every Love There Is A Heart Somewhere To Receive It"

Dr Ivan Panin always suggested that life isn’t hard but we make it so. He opined that we shouldn’t let adversity oppress us. Rather we should be like a nail, the more it is hammered, the better it holds the things. Ivan indeed is one of the most remarkable occurrences prepared by God. He has produced various positive evidences that would undermine the Biblical criticism completely.

Ivan Panin books highlight the truth of fall of atheism to the ground wherever wise thinking and honest face the facts. By dedicating his life to the task of finding numbers in the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, he has occupied a highly distinction position for himself.

Since every Hebrew and Greek letter boasts a numerical value, word, sentence, paragraph and phrase, that features a definite arithmetical sum. This makes discovering the numerical values an extraordinary thing.

Ivan Panin had hence proved that the books of our Bible have all the needed features. His efforts had settled the long-standing disputes, which scholars would have removed from the Bible. Ivan has been a true inspiration for people. His quotes have been so driving and motivating for the individuals that they just draw them to the right path of living life. Sometimes an inspiration can take us to our success.