Relationship Quotes

1. Relationships and Trust

Relationships and
"Relationships and trust. This is the bedrock of life."

2. Leadership

If I have any meri
"If I have any merit, it is getting along with individuals, according to their ways and characteristics. At times it involves suppressing yourself. It is painful, but necessary. To be a leader you have got to lead human beings with affection"

3. Relationship

Good huma
"Good human relations not only bring great personal rewards but are essential to the success of any enterprise"

4. For Me

For me
"For me, relationship is very important. I can lose money, but I cannot lose a relationship. The test is, at the end of a conversation or a negotiation, both must smile"

5. Relationships

to know
"To Know When To Go Away And When To Come Closer Is Key To Any Lasting Relationships"

6. Relationship

the easierst
"The Easiest Kind Of Relationship For Me Is With 10,000 People The Hardest Is With One"

7. Relationships Give Us

"Relationships Give Us A Reason To Live Revange"

8. Relationship

"Once The Trust Goes Out Of A Relationship It's Really No Fun Lying To 'em Anymore"

9. Relationships

man knot
"Man Is A Knot Into Which Relationships Are Tied"

10. Love Is

love is
"Love Is Unconditional Relationships Are Not"

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