Competition Quotes

Competition Quotes

1. You Have Competition

You have competition
"You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that"
-Michael Jordan

2. Competitive Spirit

competition sachin
"Competitive Spirit has Played a Huge Role in Making me what I am"
-Sachin Tendulkar

3. Pleasure Without Pain

You will never
"You will never understand pleasure without pain."
-Td Jakes

4. Thinking

I tend to have a ve
"I tend to have a very analytical mind, I'm constantly thinking about how things can be better or different."
-Andy Biersack

5. Inspiration

Never give in, never back down
"Never give in, never back down."
-Andy Biersack

6. Get Started

Is it 10g of protein more or 1
"Is it 10g of protein more or 10g of protein less, who cares, just get started"
-Kai Greene

7. Goals

I ve never competed in
"I've never competed in powerlifting. But my goals weren't to be a power lifter. My goals were to pack on size and get big, big, big."
-Kai Greene

8. Under Pressure

Thats how
"Thats how I work best, when I'm under pressure."
-Alex Morgan

9. Over Confident

There is always the risk
"There is always the risk of being over-confident when you are preparing to face a weaker player."
-Viswanathan Anand

10. No Excuse

Everyone has their
"Everyone has their nemesis. For me it was clearly Kasparov. I don’t think I want to make excuses for that."
-Viswanathan Anand

11. Responsibility

I have always looked
"I have always looked at my competencies before accepting any responsibility."
-Narayana Murthy

12. Challenge

It s about not
"It's about not accepting every little challenge thrown at you. Sometimes you hold back and when it's needed you go for it."
-Sachin Tendulkar