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William Jay Bill Bowerman was an American track and field coach as well as the co-founder of Nike Inc. His legacy in track and field is undeniable. He has given training to around 31 Olympic Athletes, 51 All-Americans, 12 American Record Holders, 22 NCAA Champions, 16 sub 4-minute millers during his interesting career. He served as the University of Oregon’s head track and field coach from 1949-1972 remaining active at the University and the coaching world while on the other hand, Nike grew into a global sports giant.

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    His contributions extend far beyond the University of Oregon. He served as the Vice-president of National Collegiate Track Coaches’ Association (NCTCA) from 1958-59 and its President as well from 1959-60. Bowerman is a legacy of the National Distance Running Hall of Fame, the USA National Track and Field Hall of Fame, among others. His constant strive to create something better in shoes led to the birth of Nike that would transform the world of sports shoes like anything in years to come. Check out Bill Bowerman’s quotes and get to know the philosophies of this great man better.

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