Sir Claus Moser Quotes

Sir Claus Moser was born in Berlin, on 24th November, 1922, as Claus Adolf Moser. Hailing from a Jewish family and culture, he had a conviction for art and music. The passion for music was so intense that he could have been one of the leading music legends ever. When he died at the age of 92, he was a British Government Statistician. Moser has stayed at numerous authoritative positions at the Open University of Israel, Oxford, Keelee, SLE, and so on. He has also been a statistical advisor to many leading government companies. Moser had an innate ability to explain complex ideas in a way that made it seem super simple.

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    "Education costs money. But then so does ignorance."

    Having a golden heart inside the uniform of a statistician, Moser had zeal to make people feel at home. His life and journey continue to inspire many, till date.

    Here are a few motivating quotes from Sir Claus Moser.


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