Gregg Troy Quotes

The famous Gregg Troy is an American Olympic and college coach. Currently Gregg plays the role of head coach for the Florida Gators, the diving and swimming teams of the prestigious University of Florida. In the years 1996 and 2008 Troy played the role of assistant coach for the men’s swim team in the US Olympics. Greg Troy is extremely famous for his swimming workouts amongst his athletes and on an average 7000 square yards is covered per workout. Troy has also gained immense popularity after he gave a speech on training philosophy at Florida.

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  • Plan on Winning

    "I dont plan on being disappointed. We plan on being really good, and obviously we plan on winning."


    Greg Troy is famous for his quotes and sayings. Troy’s adages have a profound impact on young and upcoming athletes. Troy encourages professional athletes to not get affected by success and remain humble. Greg is a sincere, hardworking and dedicated man, who puts in constant efforts to train his athletes successfully. Greg is an encouraging and motivating coach.


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