Charles de Ganahl Koch Quotes

Charles de Ganahl Koch Quotes

Charles Koch is a wealthy American businessman with many inspiring quotes to his credit. He is the CEO of an oil company, several companies and a philanthropist with a keen interest in assisting with social problems. As a child, Charles father insisted that his children earn their keep and made them work hard and lead a relatively ordinary life. He has a college education and worked briefly upon completion before joining the family business; within a year he was president of the corporation.


"We must measure what leads to results, not simply what is easy to measure"

Koch industries is a huge American conglomerate established by Fred C. Koch; he was father to Charles and David both who own a 42% stake in the company. The company is huge and management has been on Charles shoulders for many years; he was at one time the ninth richest man in America. Koch industries is the name behind many popular brands including Stainmaster, Lycra brand of spandex among others. It is through his experience at the helm of this major corporation that he has learnt and shares his knowledge in great quotes on life, leadership and management.

As the philanthropist, he supports various free marketed educational institutions. He is reported to be a generous contributor to both Republican and Democratic Party candidates and agendas in the US; this is not mentioning artistic projects through the Koch Cultural Trust. His quotes are very inspiring and his work speaks for itself; in 2011 he was listed among the 100 most influential people in the world. Charles Koch is the epitome of a classic liberal; a firm advocate for minimal government involvement in economic issues. In some of his quotes he appears to chastise the retrogressive role of corporate welfare.