Herschel Walker Quotes

Born in the year 1962, Herschel Walker is a mixed martial artist, former college football player, a retired professional football player and a bobsledder. This talented man won the Heisman Trophy in the year 1982, played football for the University of Georgia and also earned consensus all American honors thrice. Herschel Walker’s net worth is estimated at US$ 12 million. In order to maintain his upper body strength, Herschel used to do almost 5000 push ups a day. He still continues to do around 75-1500 push-ups a day.

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    "If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat"


    The global authority on MMA that Herschel associates himself with is Sherdog. Herschel followed an excellent workout plan that included 5000 push-ups, 3000 sit ups, 1000 dips, 1000 squats and even 1500 pull ups. Walker’s quotes are extremely motivating and encouraging for fans and upcoming athletes. Walker’s sayings and adages had a profound impact on sports people and athletes around the globe.

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