Famous Ceos

CEO is considered to be the most least understood jobs in the world. People think a CEO can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. But in realistic terms a CEO is meant to understand the needs of the employees, customers, investors and the communities. A CEO not only raises fund but increase the business by adding money through its working and taking it to a higher level.

CEO’s have power and salary, but there are only a few of them who do what they are supposed to do. A CEO is responsible for the success and failures of a company. A CEO is also responsible for operations, marketing, finance, human resource, legal regulations, strategy implementation, sales, etc. A CEO has to mainly develop a culture in the organisation which would help in its smooth working. Also a CEO has to work with the top management of the organisation not only to develop strategies but to show them in which direction and how the strategy should be placed.

Another important duty of a CEO is to manage the top management of the organisation. CEO is responsible for hiring the right people in the top management which in turn follows to the middle and lower level management. A CEO’s daily decision either gives a positive or negative impact on the working of the company.

A CEO improves his work by measuring the duties which he performs on a daily basis. In short his duty is to set vision, building the culture, leading the top management of the company, and allocation of capital.

Here are some of the famous CEOs across the globe who have contributed their bit to the world of business :