The Ultimate Collection of Quotes for a Business Owner

The Ultimate Collection of Quotes for a Business Owner

Business is a serious affair and there are several aspects to take care of when you are planning to make it big as an entrepreneur. There will be crunches, tension with the employees and unhappy customers. But when you have decided to grow your business, you cannot let any issue to demoralize you from your ultimate objective. Also, to be a successful entrepreneur, one must be know how to smartly handle the resources and manpower.

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  • 1. Success in Business

    The success
    "The success of your business is based in principle on the idea of offering the latest fashions at low prices, in turn creating a formula for cutting costs: an integrated business in which it is manufactured, distributed and sold"
    -Amancio Ortega

    2. Innovation and Commitment

    innovation   commitment
    "Innovation and commitment towards our customers define our corporate culture"
    -Amancio Ortega

    3. Honesty and Integrity

    I think it is better
    "I think it is better when people with their own businesses and means of income join politics as there is some degree of honesty and integrity"
    -Vijay Mallya

    4. I realized Early

    I realized early
    "I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn't give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you"
    -Harrison Ford

    5. As a Startup Company

    As a startup company
    "As a startup company with ambitions in the ecommerce domain, we have to choose a category that could facilitate getting started quickly"
    -Sachin Bansal

    6. Don’t Start Out Alone

    "Don’t start out alone, it helps to have a co-founder when things are not going your way"
    -Sachin Bansal

    7. No is a Very Difficult Word

    no is very difficult
    "No is a very difficult word and more so in our culture where people quickly tend to take offense. But a No which makes your business and customer say YES is worth the while"
    -Sachin Bansal

    8. Strategic Alignment

    Strategic alignment
    "Strategic alignment with funding partner is very important. In the long terms it matters a lot"
    -Sachin Bansal

    9. The Core of Any Business

    the core
    "The Core of any business is to earn money. You have not done your job well until you find a stranger who is willing to open his or her wallet to give you money for the services or Products that you are offering"
    -Sachin Bansal

    10. A Better Service Is

    A Better Service Is
    "A Better Service Is Keeping The Promise You Made To The Customer"
    -Sachin Bansal

    11. Frowth

    the organisation
    "The organizational architecture is really that a centipede walks on hundred legs and one or two don’t counts. So, if I lose one or two legs, the process will go on, the organization will go on, the growth will go on"
    -Mukesh Ambani

    12. Money

    Money is like
    "Money is like manure. It stinks when you pile it; it grows when you spread it"
    -J. R. D. Tata