Tommy Lasorda Quotes

Tommy Lasorda is also known as Thomas Charles and is a former major league baseball player.
He had a long lasting career in the sports management department and used to be very friendly with players, in fact, he learned Spanish and used speak Spanish for the convenience of the Latin American players.Tommy also used to support the U.S Armed Forces when he was only 18. In spite of numerous problems he never lost hope and also used to inspire others.

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  • Impossible and Possible

    "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination."

    He has gifted the world with some rousing quotes on leadership and made everyone understand the real meaning responsibility. Proper leadership and management of responsibility is needed everywhere and we can learn that from his work and words. According to him, life is not only about winning, because a defeat can teach a lot more than success.

    Here are a few inspiring quotes from the man himself.


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