Billie Jean King Quotes

Billie Jean King won 39 grand slam titles that included 11 mixed doubles, 12 singles and 16 women’s doubles. This hardworking and sincere woman is a former World No. 1-tennis player. Bille has represented her country, the United States several times in the Wightman Cup as well as the Federation Cup. Billie is a mentally strong woman who truly believes that there must be sexual equality, as is expressed artfully in many Billie Jean King quotes. Billie was the founder the Women’s Sports Foundation, Women’s Tennis Association and World Team Tennis.

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  • 1. Champions Keep Playing

    "Champions keep playing until they get it right."

    2. Losing and Winning

    Motivational Quotes   a champion.jpg
    "A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning."

    3. Get it right

    "Champions keep playing until they get it right"

    As a tennis champion, Billie was terrified of losing and put in several hours of regular training to ensure she was victorious in all her matches. Billie is the kind of woman who works and performs best under pressure and she was the one woman who put in dedicated efforts to bring about a revolution in women’s sports. She enjoyed success and always had a great sense of destiny from her young days.


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