Anne Sophie Swetchine Quotes

Anne Sophie Swetchine Quotes

Ann Sophie Swetchine has many memorable and intense quotes on life and living. She was born into a noble Russian family and received a very good education. Because of her father’s position in the Russian Royal court and her good education she could speak a several European languages at an early age. Her ability to think critically and pen some very memorable quotes is probably owing to her choices in religion following a traumatic marriage.


To love deeply in one direction  1
"To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others"

These marital woes prompted Ann Swetchine to seek God in earnest; a notion that saw her convert to the Catholic faith. Though this decision appears to have brought her great contentment based on her inspiring quotes it did not sit well with authorities at the time. During this era all in the Royal Court were followers of the Orthodox Church; her decision to convert to the Catholic Church saw her forced in to exile. This new era of her life led her to the city of Paris where she and her husband established a very popular salon frequented by many notable partisans and foreigners in the city.

Among her most notable quotes are the words in which she states that resignation is putting God between oneself and their grief. These are just a few of her notable works that were published by a close friend, Falloux; notable works include Old Age, Resignation and her letters. Through her many guests and contacts it is believed that she was very influential on French Catholicism and left many deeply inspiring and religious quotes in her wake.