Wilbur Smith Success Story

Wilbur Smith Success Story

Wilbur Addison Smith


Wilbur Smith is famous for his historical fiction about the international involvement in Southern Africa, seen from the view-points of both the black and the white families. He is the bestselling author for his meticulous research based on his worldwide expeditions.


Wilbur Smith was born on 9th January, 1933 in Kabwe, Zambia to a British Family. Wilbur’s father was a ranch worker so he spent the early days of life playing with the children of ranch workers in the forest and the hills. His mother was an artist and loved books. He inherited his mother's love of books. She taught him to read. Smith went to a boarding school Cordwalles in Natal, South Africa. He did his graduation from the Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

Early Career

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Wilbur started his writing career by writing about his parents and about the blacks and the whites in Africa. His first novel “When the Lion Feeds”, inspired him to take up writing full time. Smith developed three long chronicles about the South African experiences, which were very well received.



Wilbur Smith completed 50 years of writing in the year 2014. Smith’s Golden Lion ranked No. 1 book on the Sunday time’s bestsellers list for hardback fiction edition in UK. His other novels, The Diamond hunters, The Sun Bird, the Wild Justice and The Elephant song have done equal well.

Wilbur set up the Wilbur and Niso Smith foundation in 2015 that was created to share his traveling experience and adventure writings with the world. This foundation is dedicated to young empowering writers and towards promoting literacy. In 2016, the Foundation will introduce the Wilber Smith Adventure Writing prize and the Author of Tomorrow Award.

Wilbur is considered a master among the 21st century novelists.

Personal Life


Wilbur married four times, and is currently with Mokhiniso Rakhimova, his fourth wife. Smith has four children; Dieter Schmidt, Shaun Smith, Christian Smith, and Kawrence Smith from his marriages. He has homes in four cities; Cape Town, Malta, Switzerland, and London.

Wilbur Smith - Great Speech

Full Name :
Wilbur Addison Smith
Born :
9th-Jan -1933
Birth Place :
Education :
Cordwalles Preparatory School Pietermaritzburg,
Rhodes University Grahamstown
Occupation :
Industry :

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