Nicholas Sparks Story

Nicholas Sparks Story

Nicholas Charles Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is one of the most eminent storytellers. All of his books feature in the bestseller list in the New York Times, with over 100 million prints purchased globally, in over 50 languages, and consist of more than 65 million prints in the United States itself.


Nicholas Sparks, who was born in 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska, was the second of three kids of his parents. His father, Patrick Michael, was a graduate scholar, so the family lived in a number of cities prior to settling in Fair Oaks, California while Nicholas was eight years old. Nicholas' mother, Jill Emma Marie, was a helper at an optometrist's.

nicholas sparks early carr

Early career

Sparks was enthused to commence writing by a statement from his mother while he was 19 years old. In the year of 1985, while he was still in school, he wrote his first novel named The Passing, which was never published. He wrote one more novel in the year 1989,which was also remain unpublished, named The Royal Murders. He then spent the successive three years trying fresh careers, comprising of real estate assessment, selling dental artifacts by phone and initiating his personal manufacturing business.

Career Highlights

nicholas sparks career heights

After the unpublished line of the former written novels, in the year 1990, Sparks wrote another novel along with Billy Mills Wokini named A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding, which was published by Feather Publishing. During its first year release a total of 50,000 copies were purchased.

In the year 1992, Sparks started selling pharmaceuticals and in 1993, he was moved to Washington, DC. There he wrote one of the most popular novels, The Notebook. After two years, he was uncovered by a fictional representative Theresa Park, who took The Notebook out of her agency's sludge pile, liked it, and offered to represent him.

nikholos  time warner book group

In October 1995, Sparks received a $1 million advance payment for The Notebook, which was given by the Time Warner Book Group. The story was released in the year 1996 and featured in the best seller list of the New York Times during its first week of release. With the success of his first novel, Sparks moved to New Bern, North Carolina.

Personal life

nicholas sparks and his wife cathy separate

Sparks and wife Cathy lived with him in New Bern, North Carolina along with their three sons, Miles, Ryan, and Landon; and twin daughters, Lexie and Savannah, till 2014 . On January 6, 2015, Sparks proclaimed that he and his spouse have separated. Sparks contributed $900,000 for a novel, All Weather Tartan Tracks to the New Bern High School along with his time to coach the New Bern High School track squad and a local club track squad as a helper head coach.

TV and books

nicholas sparks tv and books

Sparks wrote numerous worldwide bestsellers of which a number of his novels have been tailored as films, including Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, The Best of Me, and many.

Full Name :
Nicholas Charles Sparks
Born :
31st-Dec -1965
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Education :
University of Notre Dame
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 30 million

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