Ken Follett Story

Full Name : Kenneth Martin Ken Follett
Born : 5th- Jun - 1949
Zodiac Sign : Gemini
Birth Place : Cardiff
Country : USA
Education : University College London,
Harrow Weald Grammar School,
Poole Technical College
Occupation : Novelist
Industry : Publishing
Networth : $70 million

Ken Follett is one of the greatest authors in the world today. His newest book, Edge of Eternity, the concluding novel in his Century Trilogy went directly to the No. 1 place on the paramount seller’s catalog in USA, Spain, Italy, and worldwide.


Ken was born on June 5, 1949, in Cardiff, Wales, and is the author of several preeminent selling books, comprising Eye of the Needle during 1978 and On Wings of Eagles in 1983. Raised in a severe, spiritual home, Ken was not permitted to watch television or even listen to the radio. To pass the time, his mother habitually told him stories, and he too turned out to be an ardent book lover.

Earlier Life

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At the age of 10, Follett and his family shifted to London. After that he was admitted in the University College London and completed his graduation in the year 1970. Starting a profession in journalism, Ken came to Wales to work as a reporter. Follett afterwards turned out to be a columnist for the London Evening News. In the year 1974, he left journalism to work for a book publisher.

Career Highlights

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Follett wrote his stories under the fictitious name Symon Myles, comprising his initial two books, The Big Needle as well as The Big Black, 1974. He also used three other pen names names, Zachary Stone, Martin Martinsen and Bernard L. Ross prior to using his actual name on The Mystery Hideout in the year 1976. Two years later, Ken achieved significant and viable accomplishments with the spy thriller, Eye of the Needle.


More than 19 million prints of Eye of the Needle were purchased and prevailed the esteemed Edgar honor from the Mystery Writers of America during 1979. Eye of the Needle was afterward made into a film starring Donald Sutherland. Ken produced numerous spy thrillers, named Triple in 1979, The Man from St. Petersburgduring in 1982 and more.

ken follett

Ken also undertook a variety of time epoch, from primitive times in The Pillars of the Earth in the year 1989 to Jackdaws in 2001, to the Cold warfare in Code to Zeroduring in 2000 and to the current day in Whiteout, in 2004. His latest book, World Without End is a follow-up to his enormously admired The Pillars of the Earth.



Ken is a constituent of different associations that endorse literacy and inscription, and is vigorously concerned with diverse organizations in his native town of Stevenage. He is an active participant in several Stevenage aid organizations and was the director of the Roebuck Primary School for ten years, helping as the Chair of council for four of those years. On 15 September 2010, Follett, with 54 additional communal figures, signed an unbolt letter available in The Guardian affirming their hostility to Pope Benedict XVI's state trip to the UK,

Personal Life


Ken married Mary in the year 1968 and has two children, a son, Emanuele and a daughter Marie-Claire.


Edgar Grand Master
Goodreads Choice For Best Historical Fiction
Edgar For Best Novel
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