Famous People Born in 1933

Astrology associates the personality traits of people with the date and time of their birth. Generally speaking, people born in the same year are believed to have similar character attributes. All those who are born in the year 1933 come under the rooster personality and are said to be sociable and accomplished people. They are always well dressed, even ostentatious when it comes to presenting themselves, which makes them boastful and outspoken at times. At the same time, these people are trustworthy and loyal too.

People whose birth date falls in the year 1933 have an analytical mind and they think very deeply, analyzing each and every situation to the core. Practicality is a part of their personality but they are dreamers too. They set their eyes on their goals and have the courage enough to go after them. These people love to stay occupied and seldom sit idle. Socially, they are good hosts and always throw memorable parties as extravagance and praise is something they crave for. They are revered by their friends and loved ones because they are genuinely caring and concerned about their well being.

On the negative side, people born in 1933 are a bit too bothered about their outward appearance and can be obsessed with looking good. They can become very moody if they fail in their attempts to achieve their vision. In relationships too, not being able to make their loved ones happy can bring great disappointment for these people.

Here are some famous people born in the year 1933: