Kristin Hannah Story

Kristin Hannah Story

Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah is a bestselling author and has taken the literary world by storm with more than 20 of her novels. Her latest novel, The Nightingale is a historical story that is based in France during World War II. This book has been widely loved by book lovers and has won great reviews.


Kristin was born on 25th September, 1960 in South California. Like most kids who grow up on a beach, her early childhood years were spent building sand castles and playing with the waves of the sea. Hannah’s family moved to Western Washington when she was eight years old. Later, they settled here and referred to it as their home.

Earlier Life


Kristin worked for an advertising agency for some time. However, this job did not entice her and so she decided to go to law school. However, her mother believed that she was born to be a writer. When Kristin was in the final year of law school, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was then that she confessed about her premonition to Hannah. Though shocked, Kristin joined hands with her mother and hatched up an idea of penning a novel. However, after her mother’s demise, Hannah gave up the idea and went ahead with her studies. She started practicing law and got married.

Career Highlights

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Kristin was advised bed rest when she got pregnant. During this time, she read all the books that she could lay her hands on. It was then that her husband advised her to continue with the novel that she had started with her mother. Kristin loved the idea and got back to completing the novel. She was ready with the first draft of her novel by the time her son was born. What’s more, she had found a new passion in the form of writing.

Though, initially she had to face some rejections, her first novel was approved in 1990. The success of this novel encouraged her to become a full time writer. Some of her well known novels are Firefly Lane, Winter Garden, True Colors, Home Again, Waiting for the Moon, A Handful of Heaven, Angel Falls, Distant Shores, Between Sisters, Magic Hour, On Mystic Lake, The Things We Do for Love, Once in Every Life and Home Front.


Her book the Firefly Lane which was published in 2009 became a bestseller and was much loved by the female readers. The production house named 1492 Films has bought the movie rights of her book Home Front. This would be soon made into a movie under the direction of the well known director, Chris Columbus.


Kristin Hannah has won a number of awards for her impressive novels. This includes the 1996 National Reader’s Choice Award, The Maggie and The Golden Heart Award.

Personal Life


Kristin lives with her husband and son in Bainbridge Island in Washington, USA.


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