Wang Wenyin Success Story

Wang Wenyin Success Story

Wang Wenyin

Early Life

The Chinese Government had seen a massive economic boost during the 80’s and 90’s and whoever managed to capitalize on the opportunity to make a lot of money, successfully did so during the era. One of those smart and enterprising men was Wang Wenyin. Born in Anhui, China, Wenyin had very humble beginnings wherein he began work at a warehouse. After being unsatisfied and having an appetite for business, he started his own small-scale power cord business in rural China.


Growth of Company

Initially what started out as a small-time power cord business, is today Amer International Group that has its presence all over China as well as internationally. The company was begun by Wenyin in a sort of challenge against the state-owned dominance. Wenyin wasn’t one to lay back and let the running of businesses be run by the state and decided to begin his own way of working.His company, Amer International Group, managed to successfully stem the flow of revenue into the pockets of the state and designed a new path for people wishing to get their goods at a subsidized rate without tampering with quality.The company now has its own mines and factories which manufacture their products and has seen a very exponential growth over the past two decades.

Company Today


Due to the effort put in by Wenyin, the company has risen to become one of the most valuable companies in all of China today. Apart from this, he has also managed to become one of the richest men in the country and has seen his business go from strength to strength.Today, the company employs close to 15,000 workers and has its presence internationally too in countries such as Singapore. The one time copper manufacturer today owns one of the biggest mining fields in the world and goes to prove that just because you start small, you do not stop dreaming big.

Personal Life


Wenyin is known to be friendly businessman and takes time out to enjoy a lot of his hobbies. He is Currently residing in Shenzen, China and plans on taking Amer globally by setting it up in other countries apart from China.

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