Famous People Born in 1968

The year 1968 is regarded as the year of the monkey in the Chinese astrology and the people born in this year are believed to possess the personality traits similar to those of this animal. Like the monkey, these people possess wit, magnetism and intelligence. In addition to these traits, they are very naught and curious, playing pranks and jokes all the time. Here are some famous people born in the year 1968:

At the same time, they seldom have any bad intentions though they might hurt others with their jokes. They are opportunists by nature and also good at learning things from their experiences. Though they are blessed with a creative streak, it can sometimes be hard for them to show their hidden talents due to lack of expression.

People born in the year 1968 have diverse interests and look for such partners who can stimulate them with their vivacity and liveliness. They are sociable and have good ability to communicate. When it comes to love, they find it hard to settle down and tend to jump from one interest to other very quickly. However, once they find a perfect partner, these people become willing to commit for a lifetime.

From the health point of view, the active and vivacious nature of the people born in 1968, keeps them in a state of good health. They are essentially outdoors people and do well in careers which involve adventure. The professions which suit these people are those of science and engineering, movie direction, air traffic control and stock trading.