Robin Li Success Story

Robin Li Success Story

Robin Li Yanhong


Life is about creating yourself”. Robin Li was among those people who created a different meaning for their lives. Li is a Chinese internet Entrepreneur who was born on 17th November 1968 in Yangquan, China. He is more popular as co-founder of Baidu, a popular Chinese search engine.Robin Li spent most of his childhood in Yangquan. His parents worked in a factory and he has four siblings. He was the only son to that couple. He is married to Dongmin Ma. The couple has four children.


Li earned bachelor’s degree in Science from Peking University. Later he joined University at Buffalo and received his Masters Degree in the year 1994. He did not want to complete PhD.



Li started his career in the year 1994 at IDD information services where he worked on the online edition development for The Wall Street Journal. He worked on search engine algorithm improvement as well.In the year 1996, while Robin Li was still working with IDD, he developed search engine page ranking algorithm – Rankdex. This was awarded the US patent. Google was also inspired by RankDex. He developed Baidu based on this very algorithm. He discontinued with IDD in the year 1997.

robin with bill gates

Robin Li with Bill Gates

Robin joined Infoseek in the year 1997 and worked till 1999. In the year 2000, along with a biochemistry doctor Eric Xu, he co-founded Baidu. He became the company head in August 2004. And after one year, in 2005 he introduced the company in NASDAQ. Just in few hours after introducing in NASDAQ, Baidu’s shares price raised to 350 percent. A steep rise from $27 to $122 was remarkable. Baidu had both Voice and image search options which made it a top search engine in China.


By 2010, Baidu became the top search engine of China and this was when the revenues of Robin Li doubled. Almost Eighty percent of the searching in China is done using Baidu.Baidu has almost 10,000 employees. In the year 2007, CNN recognized Li as one among the most important 50 persons in the world.According to Forbes, Robin Li has a net worth of $14.7 billion. He is considered to be the wealthiest man in China by Forbes and 119th richest man in the world.


Worlds Best Business Leader by the American Business Weekly
ASEAN Youth, Chinese Economic Figure of the Year
George W Thorn for his Book Business War in Silicon Valley

Robin Li Richest man in China

Full Name :
Robin Li Yanhong
Born :
17th-Nov -1968
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Education :
University at Buffalo New York City,
Peking University Beijing
Occupation :
Entrepreneur , Co Founder
Industry :
Networth :
$14.7 Billion

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