August Alsina Success Story

August Alsina Success Story

August Anthony Alsina, Jr


The rags to rich success stories are not exactly unheard of in the music industry, more so in R&B and hip-hop genre. However, the incredible rise of August Alsina can make such success stories pale into insignificance.

At the tender of age 21, the R& B singer had faced the worst aspects of life, including death of siblings, living without a home and lack of family support. However, none of these obstacles could deter him from becoming the rising singer and songwriter of this generation.

august alsina rapping

Alsina’s collaboration with Trinidad James and the latest single "Downtown" witnessed phenomenal success and fetched him awards too. The former YouTube sensation also faced rise to stardom followed by obscurity, but his steadfastness, devotions to music and hard efforts have finally paid off.

Childhood and Early Life

august alsina childhood

August Alsina born in New Orleans had a very troubled childhood. His father and stepfather both battled with alcohol and drugs, which made his experience bitter from tender years.

At the age of 18, he lost his sibling Melvin LaBranch III in a road mishap.While no one in the family had a musical background, August Alsina had a knack for all things musical.

He said in interviews that it was Lauryn Hill’s songs in Sister Act 2 that provided him with the initial motivation to sing. He also thinks the New Orleans culture has a role behind his inclination for music.


He went to school in New Orleans, but these household issues also affected his education. To survive after spending homeless days at 16, he resorted to selling drugs with his brother.

Early Career

august starting days

August Alsina started his musical career by singing and uploading videos to YouTube when he was just a 14 year old teen. They relocated to Texas in 2005. The infamous Hurricane Katrina had wrecked their home.

After situations that forced him to stay on the streets, he resorted to drug peddling, but it did not kill his genius and talent. After his brother’s shocking death, Alsina relocated to Atlanta. Rather than giving up, he firmly resolved to focus more on singing.

Career Highlights

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The 2012 mixtape, labeled The Product was a turning point in his career. The hit single "I Luv This Shit" recorded with Trinidad James also did wonders for him. It became a chartbuster and in recent times fetched him a couple of Bet awards.The Product mixtape helped him bag a deal with Def Jam. Product 2 was released a few months after. Testimony, his first studio album was released a few months back.

august with nicky

August Alsina With Nicky Minaj

It has some moving and groovy tracks like “Make it Home” and “Grind & Pray/ Get Ya Money”.In "Testify," which is the opening track of "Testimony," Alsina touches upon all things that impacted him like financial struggles,memories of his dad and demise of his elder brother. 

In his short but promising career, Alsina had already collaborated with artists like Trinidad James and Chris Brown. However, success has not deluded the young singer. He is determined to keep the focus gpoing on music. With such grit and determination, we can safely say that this is a star who is sure to stay and rock the stage!



August Alsina about His Life Struggles and Music

Full Name :
August Anthony Alsina, Jr
Born :
3rd-Sep -1992
Birth Place :
New Orleans
Occupation :
Singer , Author
Industry :
Networth :
$4 Million

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