Mohamed Mansour Success Story

Mohamed Mansour Success Story

Mohamed Mansour

Mohamed Mansour belongs to one of the most reputed business families in Egypt. He along with his two brothers owns the Mansour Group. Mohamed founded Mancapital in 2010 and acts as its chairman. it is a part of Mansour group. He primarily takes care of the automotive business of the Mansour Group.

Starting of the Career

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Mohamed was a brilliant student, and graduated at a an age of 15. He continued his studies in the US, and received a BSE degree in Engineering from the North Carolina State University at 19 years of age. Then he moved on to receive an MBA from the Auburn University, and joined the faculty of the School of Business at the Auburn University.

He returned to Egypt in 1973, and worked for his father’s business, Mansour and Sons. He served on its board of directors, and joined its business of cotton trading. In 1975, he began concentrating on automotive business, and joined hands with the General Motors. This partnership brought immense success for Mohamed, and today Mansour Group is one of the biggest GM distributors worldwide.

Business Activities

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As part of the Mansour Group, Mohamed acts as the chairman for Mantrac, a Caterpillar’s dealership. In addition to Egypt, he has partnerships in Iraq, Russia, and six more countries in Africa. He is one of the major distributors for Caterpillar on an international level.

Mohamed has also served as the chairman for the Lead Foundation, and Credit Agricole of Egypt, and also as the director for Egyptian Stock Exchange. He has also served as the chairman for Egypt US Business Council, and as the president for the American Chamber of Commerce, Egypt. He was also a member of the global advisory board for Council of Foreign Relations.

Political Status

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In 2006, Mohamed was elected as Minister of Transport. Due to two major accidents that took place under his ministry, he was forced to resign. Mansour returned to his private business in 2009. In 2010, he founded Mancapital of London, and serves as its CEO.

 Mansour Group controls nine of Egypt's top Fortune 500 companies .


Mohamed Mansour: Egypt Four Years

Full Name :
Mohamed Mansour
Born :
1st-Jan -1948
Birth Place :
Education :
North Carolina State University Raleigh,
Auburn University Alabama
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
US $ 4 Billion

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