Daniel Ek Success Story

Daniel Ek Success Story

Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek is a Sweden based musician and software programmer. He is best known for Spotify, a mobile phone music service that gives access to a huge database of artist tunes. His sales force is present in San Francisco, Denmark, France and the Netherlands, and a dozen more countries where he offers his services. Ek has become an important name in the industry of music. He is passionate about music, and has contributed towards it in his own ways.


spotify company founder daniel ek

He established his first business at the age of 14 in 1997. He had enrolled in the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, but could not complete his studies, and quit without a degree. He was the founder of Advertigo, an advertising company that TradeDoubler acquired, also been a part of Tradera, the Nordic auction company and  Evertigo. He previously worked as a CEO for µTorrent.

The Origin of Spotify

daniel ek with mark zuckerberg

Daniel Ek with Mark Zuckerberg

Daniel Ek founded Spotify in 2006, along with Martin Lorentzon, the co-founder of TradeDoubler. It was setup in Stockholm, and its first legal service for music streaming was launched in 2008. The company grew pretty quickly, and thousands of people from Sweden found it as the ultimate music service they had been looking for.

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While using Spotify, a user does not need to download every song or album he wants to hear. The desired music can be streamed via Internet either through a mobile phone or a co. At present, Daniel is serving as Spotify’s CEO, and is responsible for all its operations and distribution tasks.

The Spotify has around 10 million active users, and the database has more than 15 million songs. All this is available for free, merely at the cost of hearing an advertisement in between the songs.

daniel ek at spotify company

It is easy and as fast as iTunes, flexible as Napster, and cheap as an online radio. Unlike most services, it is open for all, and does not support piracy. It can also be accessed over FaceBook, where you can see playlists of your friends, and create your own jukebox.

Daniel Ek received a guitar and a Commodore 20 computer from his maternal grandparents at the age of 5, which he used to hone his talents, and become a leader in the music industry. Today, with his business activities, he has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Sweden.

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Daniel Ek Interview

Full Name :
Daniel Ek
Born :
21st-Feb -1983
Birth Place :
Education :
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$400 Million

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