Michael Birch Success Story

Michael Birch Success Story

Michael Birch


They say that behind every powerful man is a woman. But there are those rare cases where the woman and the man are beside each other and can create and conceptualize the most sensational ideas.One of the most well-known power couples in business are Michael and Xochi Birch, who have showed the world how a couple can run an empire with a right kind of relationship.The Birch couple have invested in countless start-ups today and initially shot to fame with their website Bebo, which turned out to be the sixth biggest social networking site in the United Kingdom, with over 45 Million users.

michael and xochi birch


Mr and Mrs Birch are known to have an almost equal share of everything that they partake in. They started Bebo together and decided to sell it to AOL in 2007; two years after starting it. With an amount close to $850 million agreed between two parties, the couple began investing in startups with the $595 million that they bagged from the deal.

The funniest part about their site is that they cashed in at the right time, with new users not able to keep the popularity up. The company fell into bankruptcy and was bought back by the couple in 2013 for just $1 Million..

Current Ventures

michael and xochi birch and scott harrison

Michael and Xochi are known to be really helpful to those who are looking for investment or capital to start their own business, and together, they run five companies in parallel. They have a current project known as The Battery wherein they aspire to create an exclusive club where “differences are shed at the door and inspiration is embraced,” as they quoted it.

The couple are also known for their philanthropic and other humanitarian efforts. On her 40th birthday, Xochi asked people to donate instead of buying her gifts, an action that raised over $20,000 for charity called Water, the non-profit organization that she is a part of.

Personal Life

michael birch, xochi birch and ken fulk at the opening of “real to real photographs

The Birch couple are known to be very lively and have a vast knowledge of computer programming. Together, they have also aided in the purchase and restoration of some of Britain’s oldest pubs and neighbourhoods so that a part of history remained intact.Xochi had also spoken at The Dublin Summit, where individuals around the globe gather to discuss charitable issues. She has spoken alongside veterans such as Kevin Rose, Kevin Lynch as well as Robert Scoble.The couple have three young kids who are being raised in England.



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