Lu Zhiqiang Success Story

Lu Zhiqiang Success Story

Lu Zhiqiang

Lu Zhiqiang, a successful entrepreneur and chairman of the China Oceanwide Group, is an achiever in literal sense. The kingpin of one of the biggest non-government conglomerates in the country has interests in financial services, computers and real estate. He also makes investments in companies, like Lenovo, China Minsheng Banking, and Oceanwide Real Estate.

Business Activities

china oceanwide group chairman lu zhiqiang

He has shares in other companies as well, including those in industries of banking, securities, insurance, construction, energy, hotel, pawn broking, commodity trading, infrastructure, film and media, etc. Being a leader in the Chinese private sector, he now acts as a vice chairman for All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

In 1985, Lu Zhiqiang founded the China Oceanwide Holdings Group as a communist party secretary, chairman and representative. He is also a member of standing committee of 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Other than this, he is the deputy chairman for China Foundation of Guangcai Program, Oceanwide Foundation, and China Minsheng Banking.

lu zhiqiang with tsinghua university council executives

China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. Ltd. has 7.8 billion yuan as its registered capital. After three long decades of growth and success, his group is now equipped with diversified structure and competitiveness dominated by the financial business, along with operations in electric power, real estate and capital investment. He now operates his company in many major cities of China, including Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, along with other countries and regions, like Australia, Indonesia, US and Hong Kong.

lu zhiqiang with cppcc  executives

Lu Zhiqiang gives credit for his business success to his entire staff, with whom he had managed to gain considerable achievements in addition to new breakthroughs in international as well as domestic businesses. These include real estate, finance, capital investment and electric power. All these lay solid foundation for his company’s development in future.


National Advanced Individual for Poverty Alleviation
Most Charitable Enterprise
Most Respected Person of the Year
Most Respected Person of the Year From Hurun Baifu Report
People’s Social Responsibility
Most Charitable Individual
People Never Forget Award From ACFIC
Full Name :
Lu Zhiqiang
Born :
2nd-Jan -1952
Birth Place :
Education :
Fudan University Shanghai
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 5.2 Billion

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