Liang Xinjun Success Story

Liang Xinjun Success Story

Liang Xinjun

Mr. Xinjun is an entrepreneur, vice chairman and CEO of Fosun International, one of China’s largest groups. The company has been in the news for its international investments in multiple businesses, from insurance to industrial investments. Fosun Media is a partner of Forbes magazine. Liang is worth $2 billion as of 2015 and is the 894th richest billionaire in the world and 63rd richest in China.

Personal life

Born in 1968 in the city of Taizhou in Zhejiang province, Liang went to Fudan University where he studied arts and got his bachelors degree. He would later do his MBA from Cheung Kong School of Business. Throughout his early education and even through his entrepreneurial adventures,

fosun group co founderliang xinjun

Liang has showcased top qualities that the world’s most successful people possess, and among them has been meticulous planning and research before devising and executing plans.Mr. Liang is married and currently resides in Beijing, China.

He is 47 years old.A known speaker in various economic conventions, he was given the “young business leaders” by the world Economic Forum.Mr. Liang is an active speaker in various kinds of economic forums and summits. He was named as the "Young Business Leaders" by the World Economic Forum and."


liang xinjun with billgates

Liang Xinjun with Bill Gates

In 1991, Liang co-founded Fosun along with Guo Guangchang and two others with whom he went to college with.  Liang made sure he did his homework before setting up the business and spent an entire year before on extensive research and studied the market closely. The company went public in 2007 and is currently listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

What put the Fosun International on the spotlight were its investments in major international companies such as Club Med, a French company that has resorts and vacation spots across the world and Follie Follie an American fashion company.  With expansion and growth as his golden rule Liang bravely entered into multiple industries.

liang xinjun with guo guangchang

Liang Xinjun with Guo Guangchang

Though venturing into multiple sectors, the three major revenue generators are industrial, investment and asset management in nature. All three climbed at a rapid rate during 2011 which allowed Fosun to turn into one of China’s leading investment group. The company has spent billions in buying up international firms ranging from clothing companies such as St. John, to banks in Europe and America.

Fosun acquired almost 20% of the German bank BHF and bought US based insurance company Meadowbrook for around $430 million.Apart from Fosun, Mr. Xinjun is also a member of the twelfth Shanghai Committee of Chinese people’s political Conference and vice chairman of the eleventh Shanghai Youth

liang xinjun with business executives

Federation Committee. He is the deputy director of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Alumni Association. He even appeared on the cover of "Institutional Investor”Liang received the “Annual Chinese Business Leader” in the 7th Horasis Global Chinese Business meeting in 2011 and the “Top 10 PE Capitalists of the Year” in 2012.


Director of The Year, Asia’s Best CEO, Outstanding Zhejiang Entrepreneurs

Liang Xinjun Motivational Video

Full Name :
Liang Xinjun
Born :
2nd-Jan -1968
Birth Place :
Education :
Fudan University Shanghai
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$2.2 Billion

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