Famous People Born in 1952

According to Chinese astrology, each year is linked with a particular animal and people born in that year are believed to posses the behavioral traits similar to that animal. 1952 is the year of the dragon, which is the only imaginary animal that finds place in the Chinese astrology. A sharp tongue and hot head are the qualities possessed by the people with dragon personality. These people are ambitious by birth and love to dominate and always have things going their way. They are gifted with a number of qualities, such as intelligence, confidence and courage.Here are some famous people born in the year 1952:

The 1952 born people have the inborn ability to take risks and face toughest of challenges without fear. They would rather try something out of the box than follow the set norms and this is something that brings them success. Generally, these people keep good health but they are likely to suffer from stress at times and the best way to counter it is to indulge in meditation. Being natural risk takers, these people excel in challenging careers like those of inventors, engineers, lawyers, journalists and teachers.

Normally, dragon personalities are slow at making commitments, but when they do, their intention is to make it a lasting one. They are generous with their loved ones and are warm in relationships. On the negative side, people born in 1952 can be extremely aggressive when things do not go their way. In fact, they are sometimes labeled as arrogant as they cannot take criticism in a stride.