Famous People Born in Illinois

Illinois is the 5th most crowded state as well as 25th largest state in terms of land area, and it is frequently noted as a microcosm of the whole country.  Illinois is great in agricultural productivity and is good in offering the natural resources like coal, timber and even the petroleum. This city is popularly a huge centre of attraction for a lot of branches like as art, structural design, amusement as well as literature. Many renowned personalities come from Illinois.

Three U.S. presidents have been elected whilst living in Illinois and those are Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, as well as Barack Obama. In addition, Ronald Reagan was the only U.S. president born as well as raised in Illinois. Today, Illinois respects Lincoln with its official state slogan, Land of Lincoln, which has been showed on its license plates ever since 1954.  The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library as well as Museum is situated in the state capital of Springfield.

Miles Dewey Davis III  was a well known American jazz musician and was born in Illinois. He was broadly measured one of the most powerful musicians of the 20th century. Walt Disney i.e. the maker of Mickey Mouse as well as founder of the Disneyland was also born here. Disney acknowledged more than 950 honors as well as citations from every nation in the world, counting 48 Academy Awards plus seven Emmys. Apart from them varied other famous personalities were also born here such as world famous actor Robin Williams, actor Harrison Ford etc.