Famous People Born in 1982

Chinese astrological system is an unusual one as it links each year with an animal in the zodiac and people born in a particular year is regarded to be similar to that animal in personality and behavior. 1982 is the year of the dog and people whose birth year is this one are loyal, faithful and amiable like this animal. They also have numerous other positive traits such as being prudent and cautious and yet sincere and kind. Here are some famous people born in the year 1982:

They can go to any lengths for the person they are loyal to. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and keep their interests aside, which is the reason why they are easily betrayed by the shrewd ones.

People born in 1982 are clear and honest in their heart and would rather never use wrong means to make money or go ahead in life. They are closely bound to their family and love to live a peaceful life with them. However, they are not really good at putting across their feelings, which sometimes gives a wrong impression about them. They enjoy a general good health and gave a happy disposition.

The best suited careers for 1982 born people are those of politicians, priests, nurses, counselors, police officers and professors. They are hard workers and aim to serve others. In love and friendship, dogs stick to the ones they commit to and place them before their own. The only problem is that they can be pessimistic and do not deal well with negative situations and people.