Famous People Born On January 1

As per astrology, famous people born on 1st January come under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. They are very cheery and highly ambitious people. As per astrology, the ruling planet for the 1st Jan born people is the Sun. Hence they are extremely energetic and like to face challenges in their life. One of the most important characteristic of these people are that they are blessed with great imaginative and creative skills. They like to bring creativity in all the sphere of their life. Some of the famous people born on 1st Jan are: Ton Jinquan, Li Luafa, Zhu Xingliang and so on.

They are very time cautious people and are very expert in managing their work on time. People born on this date are calm and composed from outside and strong and determined from inside. People born on 1st Jan have high morals and they are adaptable to any situation in their life. They find it very difficult to compromise on their values. They are very loyal and dedicated to their loved ones.

People born on 1st Jan are very special people. They have the potential to become a leader. The core leadership traits for these people are pride and determination. These people have excellent communication skill and every of them have the power to drawn people to them. They have the capability to intimidate someone very easily.

People born on this date are like to do their things in their own style. They keep themselves redesigning and which makes them awesome. These people are also very resourceful and aimed people. They are admired by people due to their command ability to amaze people. These people are great source of energy for their family due to their leadership and organizational skills.

One of the famous people born on 1st jan is Jerome David Salinger. He was born on this date in the year 1919.He was an American writer who won acclaim in early of his life.