Famous People From United kingdom

London is the capital of United Kingdom with an estimated population of around 60 million. The climate of the place is temperate, and Christianity is the main religion in this part of the world. Constitutional monarchy is the government in this part of the world. The constitution does not define any language, but nearly 70 % of the population speak English and in some ways, it works out to be the official language of communication.

The immigrants have brought many languages to this part of the world. The United Kingdom comprises of four countries that are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. One has to be aware of the geographical locations of these places, but there is a strong sense of identity that is felt across the four nations.

There are many professionals, eminent lawyers, literature scholars and philanthropists produced by this country. Some of the prominent personality from Britain David Cameron (a famous politician) Bertrand Russell, (a mathematician) and David Beckham.

David Beckham is the former England captain and a professional footballer. He happens to the first footballer to win the league in 4 different countries. His lifestyle and unique sense of style have won a lot of admirers around the world. He is considered as one of the legendary soccer players across the world.

In last few years, people from varied backgrounds have greater access to higher education. The wealth distribution is changing, and the class system is pretty much intact in an intuitive manner. The class is not determined by race or languages; it is reflected in manners and the way you present yourself. The British are very private and reserved people. They keep their doors closed, and they do not welcome you. They expect others to respect their privacy. No form of personal questions is encouraged and even if you are close to someone personal or professional questions are not encouraged to be asked.