Famous People From England

The official population of England with its headquarters in London is 60 million. The climate prevailing in this part of the world is moderate in nature. More than half of the days in London are overcast. Christianity is the main religion here, and the ethnic makeup is white. A point to be noted is that England does not have an officially designated language though English is the primary language that is spoken by the people. In terms of statistics close to 70 % of the people speak English. Other popular languages include Welsh, Irish, etc. the term British and English do not mean the same thing, though. British denote someone who is from England, Scotland, and Wales, etc.

There are many Statesmen, Lawyers, Scientists, Authors and Industrialists from this small country. The leading personalities from England are Elton John, Alfred Hitchcock, and Lady Diana and Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking, is a renowned physicist and cosmologist who has done huge research in the field of cosmology despite being handicapped. He has also written books and papers that has provided direction to many emerging scientists.

Though in the past few decades, people from varied backgrounds had access to education, wealth system is changing for the better, and the class system is intact though in a subconscious manner. The class is not something about race or where someone lives; it is about your accent as well as manners. Since the last few years, England has become diverse with a major influx of Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans setting up base in this part of the world. The main reasons for it could be attributed to education and better employment opportunities.

The British are reserved people. They are private ad want other people to respect their privacy. Even you’re closednear, and dear ones do not ask any form of personal questions relating to relationships or financial status.