Famous People Born in London

London is popularly considered to be the highly fascinating and thrilling location in the whole world. It has amazing enthralling historical monuments, places and museums which always attract a lot of crowd. The outstanding beautiful views here make the heart full with enthusiasm of the people who are residents here as well as the people who visit it. The Thames River Cruise here will let you experience the finest view of the entire London. It is the heart of this city.

The London Bridge experience will simple keep you astonished due to its remarkable beauty and the heart pounding experience that you will feel there. The Tower of London here was constructed here from nearly 900 years ago and its beauty is still exceptional. It is an eminent fortress which is world’ most recognised and visited location for viewing this royal palace.

London gifted the world with some amazing personalities which are world famous such as Charlie Chaplin, the twilight start Robert Pattinson, famous football player David Beckham, world famous singer which is considered the queen of music and the Grammy awards Adele, the world famous wizard Harry Potter i.e. Daniel Radcliffe, famous actor Christopher Lee etc.

London is considered and observed to be the largest city in the United Kingdom. The world’s largest monetary centre is London. This city has numerous visitors and it is even ranked at the second position in being visited by foreigners after the Paris which is currently at the top most position.