Famous People From Mexico

Mexico is located in Middle America, and the capital of the place is Mexico City. Roman Catholic is the main religion followed by the people here followed by the Protestants. The Spanish influence on this place has the influx of it being the official language of the place. The family is the center of social structure in Mexico. Outside of the main city, the families are large.

In most Mexican families the father is the head, and he has the full authority of the routine of the house. They consider it as their duty as well as the responsibility to help their family members and offer them ease of life. It could be in the form of purchase of a house or other financial obligations.

This small country has produced many famous people who contributed in the field of Medical, Automobile, Literature, Science and Business world. Carlos Slim is an investor and world-famous business icon belongs to Mexico. In the year 2015, he was the second wealthiest person in the world. He has his businesses spread in telecom, real estate, health care, education, food and beverage, media, energy, airlines, technology, sports and entertainement.

The society and business in Mexico are vertically structured. More emphasis is laid on hierarchy relationships. Rank is important, and those who hold high positions must be treated with a lot of respect. They are aware of each individual fits into the setup. They feel that the right connections facilitate business dealings. One will be judged by the person who is introducing you, and the first impression is always important. Since the people are more status conscious here one should have an executive always in their team. The dressing pattern for both men as well as women is the same as what is followed in the rest of Europe. Formal handshakes are exchanged during introductions.