Arianna Huffington Success Story

Arianna Huffington Success Story

Arianna Huffington


Arianna Huffington is a Greek American Author, an occasional actress and a syndicated columnist. She is the President-cum-editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group. Arianna obtained The Huffington Post for US$315 million.

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Arianna Huffington With Barack Obama

She contested in the 2003 California recall elections for the post of Governor. Arianna was featured 12th in the “first-ever list of the “Most Influential Women in Media” and the 52nd “Most Powerful Woman” in the World by Forbes. Spiritually inclined, Arianna explored the Rajneesh movement with Bernard Levin, her mentor.


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Arianna Huffington was born as Ariadne-Anna Stasinopoulou on July 15, 1950 in Athens, Greece. Her father Konstantinos was a journalist and management consultant. Her mother is Elli Stasinopoulou.

Arianna, at the age of 16 shifted to the United Kingdom to study Economics at the Girton College, Cambridge. Huffington was the first foreigner and the third female President of the Cambridge Union.

Early Career

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Arianna started her career as a writer, when she wrote the book titled The Female Woman in 1973. She has questioned the Women's Liberation movement in her writings.

She has written articles for the National Review and biographies of Maria Callas, Maria Callas – The Woman Behind the Legend and of Pablo Picasso, Picasso: Creator and Destroyer. Arianna tried her hand at acting. She featured in shows; Roseanne and How I met Your Mother.

She characterized herself in "Brian Writes a Bestseller" an episode of the Family Guy.


arianna huffington in the huffington post s newsroom with her editorial director, danny shea

Arianna spearheads The Detroit Project, a public interest group. The project encourages auto builders to manufacture cars that can run on alternative fuel. Arianna is on the panel of Both Sides Now with Huffington & Matalin, a consorted radio programme aired over week-ends.

Blessed with excellent oratorical skills, she as the Young World Counsellor, addressed delegates at summits held at Johannesburg, South Africa and Dublin, Ireland. Arianna took part in the 24th yearly "Distinguished Speaker Series" held at the University at Buffalo, New York.

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Arianna was associated with BBC as a panel member for the BBC Radio 4 political discussion show aired weekly and Call My Bluff and Face the Music, a panel game on television. She co-hosted the nationally consorted public radio programme, “Both Sides Now”.

Arianna participated in the 2003 California recall election for the post of Governor, but withdrew her nomination. Arianna hosted Arianna was charged with plagiarism for her book, “Maria Callas”, but the case was settled out of court. Spiritually inclined, she studied Rajneesh’s philosophy.

Personal Life

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Arianna married Michael Huffington. She divorced him on learning that he was bisexual.  The couple has two daughters from their marriage, Isabelle and Christina. She had a long-standing relationship with Bernard Levin.


Arianna featured 12th in the “first-ever list of the “Most Influential Women in Media” and the 52nd “Most Powerful Woman” in the World by Forbes. She is rated in the 42nd position in the list of “The Guardian’s Top 100 in Media”.

Arianna Huffington Interview

Full Name :
Arianna Huffington
Born :
15th-Jul -1950
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Education :
University of Cambridge England,
Girton College Cambridge
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 50 Million

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