Famous People Born in 1950

Chinese astrology regards each year as the year of a particular animal and the people born in that year are seen to have the personality traits similar to that animal. 1950 is the year of the tiger and people born in this year are brave and confident, just like the tiger. They have a charming personality, which makes them popular amongst others. They make great leaders because of their formidable confidence levels. These people can tackle situations as they come and do not need to prepare themselves for anything. They love facing challenges and come out in flying colors in front of the toughest challenges.

People born in the year 1950 are good at sports and generally enjoy robust health, seldom facing common ailments like coughs, colds and fevers. At work too, they are full of energy and enthusiasm, but they need some restful breaks while working and exercising. Their leadership qualities make them good at careers which bring them out at leaders, such as those in the field of office management, travel agencies, acting, writing, music and entertainment. At career, they make success and growth at a bit later age, around their thirties.

On the negative side, people born in the year 1950 can be stubborn and irritable, which makes them tough to deal with. They can be dominating and high handed in dealing with others. In relationships too, they are dominant and express their command in social settings too. In love, they are passionate and adventurous rather than sweet and romantic.