Luxury Family Resorts in the United States

Luxury Family Resorts in the United States

Luxury Family Resorts in the United States

After a long year of schools, studies and exams the kids are ready for a vacation but the parents are the ones probably looking forward to some free time and relaxation from the tedious monotony of daily life.

Innumerable family resorts offer various activities and facilities for a fun family trip in the US, but we have compiled a list of the top-ten preferred family vacation destinations that are most sought-after by an average American family who just want to bask in the luxury of an opulent and relaxing ambient resort.

Let us take a look at ten of the more popular family resorts that are famous in the US.

1. Club Med Sandpiper Bay - Florida

club med

Situated in Port St. Lucie this collection of resorts offers an all-inclusive family vacation package. Priced at a budget of around $350/night for two adults + two children, this resort offers a range of interesting activities such as many swimming pools, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, paddle-boarding and a host of activities for the teenagers as well.

2. Paradise Guest Ranch - Wyoming

paradise guest ranch

This immense ranch covers an area of around a million acres of forest and grassland. Priced at a considerably low $6000/week for two adults + two children this ranch house offers horse-riding for older kids and pony-riding for the younger ones. Adults can have a ‘good ol’ time’ at the French Creek Saloon on every Thursday.

3. Woodloch Resort - Pennsylvania


Situated amidst more than 1,000 acres of forest along the huge Lake Teedyuskung this is a resort and amusement park as well, at just around $311/night for a family of four. Families can enjoy zip-lining, hiking, sailing and biking in the summer and the winter attracts ice-skaters and snow-shoe trekkers. The resort comes with an indoor pool and a gym along with mini golf course, go-karting and bumper boats.

4. Dunton Hot Springs - Colorado

dunton hot springs

This once abandoned mining town is awesome and picturesque with a rough-hewn architecture and perfectly restored. Priced at around $10,600/ five nights for a family of four, this winter resort offers a vast range of activities such as snow-shoeing treks, ice skating, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

5. Travaasa Hana - Hawaii

travaasa hana

6. Lodge on Little St. Simon Island - Georgia

lodge on little st

7. Rancho de los Caballeros - Arizona

ranchos de los carabelos

8. Mayan Dude Ranch - Texas

mayan dude ranch

9. Skytop Lodge - Pennsylvania

skytop lodge

10. Sugar Bay Resort & Spa - US Virgin Islands

sugar bay resort

These resorts and hotels in the US are one of the most luxurious and popular for a complete and all-inclusive family vacation. Be it a summer vacation or the winter holidays you will find many American families here just basking in the luxury and having a good time together.