Most Luxurious Dorms in the US

Most Luxurious Dorms in the US

Most Luxurious Dorms in the US

Gone are the days when college life was about living in cramped and crowded dorms, waking up to the shouts and yells of a hundred students rushing to get ready for yet another day in the classrooms and lecture halls. Today, colleges are getting innovative and competitive for attracting more students to their campus. These college dorms are swanky, spacious and luxurious with a host of amenities to make a student’s college experience more interesting and awesome.

Here is a list of some of the most luxurious and expensive college dormitories in the United States of America.

1. The Callaway House – University of Texas, Austin

callaway house

The Callaway House allows you a choice of single accommodation as well as sharing rooms with all of them being fully furnished and having hardwood flooring, a kitchenette, stainless steel appliances, plush leather couches and your very own maid service.

2. Durfee – Yale University

durfee hall yale

Most of the accommodations in this dorm are single rooms with your very own walk-in closet. These are grouped together 6-9 suites sharing bathrooms and students common area. The common halls are elegant with modern architecture and an exquisite fireplace.

3. The Metropolitan – Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)

metropolitan fidm la

This privately owned dormitory is more like a luxury hotel for students. The rooms are fully equipped with kitchen, private balcony and large windows for a beautiful view of the surrounding lawns. The common area includes a billiards lounge, outdoor grill for barbeques, spa and a heated pool. True LA style living.

4. Calhoun Lofts – University of Houston

calhoun lofts

This amazing dorm feels just like a home away from home. These single/double bedroom apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen that has granite countertops, dishwasher, microwave, stove and refrigerator. The roof terraces are perfectly designed to incorporate a fitness centre and ‘sky lounge’ to chill in.

4. Hub at Tucson – University of Arizona

hub at tucson

5. Ivy House / Windsor Hall – University of Florida

ivy house

6. Osprey Fountains – University of North Florida

osprey fountains florida

7. Simmons Hall – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

simmons hall mit

8. North Lake Village – Florida Gulf Coast University

north lake village

9. Morgens Hall – University of Cincinnati

morgens hall

Talk about studying in style! These are one of the topmost and most luxurious dorms available in US colleges. These are obviously designed for classy and opulent college dorm experience. If money is no object then we are sure every student would love to stay in one of these dorms for a lifelong memorable experience.